Lightning Seeds Middlewich FAB Festival

Bare Bones Marketing promoted and managed FAB festival for the second year running. The renowned FAB festival returned for its 27th year, and even the sunshine couldn’t stay away! Following the success of FAB 2016, we were able to develop the creative brand and offer a strong concept to FAB’s targeted audience, leading to a

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How To Create A Marketing Plan   Every entrepreneur knows you need a business plan when you start your business. Yet many of them don’t understand how important a marketing plan is. Complimenting a business plan, a marketing plan aims on winning your target audience but also on how to keep customers loyal. A good

Case Studies are a great way to tell the world just how valuable your products or services are, by simply telling a story. They go beyond testimonials by simply explaining real life examples of how you were able to accomplish your customer’s needs. A compelling case study should have a beginning, middle and end, so

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