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Why Bare Bones Marketing?

Or as we like to see it, why not?

We know there are other marketing companies out there. We believe that we offer a level of experience that many businesses just can’t access, decades of experience and knowledge gained from both small companies and large brands (such as Vodafone, Citibank and E.ON). We’re also passionate about cutting to the chase. As one client said “You’re the first marketing company who told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear!”

Here’s why we believe you should choose

Bare Bones Marketing…and we hope you do!

We're Passionate
About helping businesses with their marketing problems.
We're Down-To-Earth
We offer simple, down-to-earth marketing advice and services.
We're Versatile
We can work with any size budget – we know every penny counts!
We're Experts
We have the expertise and contacts to help make the difference.
We Generate Results
We’re here to help your business get more business.
We're Solution Driven
We focus on what is important to you and build around it.

We’re award-winning… 

 & come recommended

small business winner
small business award 2016
women in business 2015
women in business 2015

“Marketing isn’t everything, but everything is marketing.”

Paul Schrage (former CMO, McDonald’s)

Dispelling The Marketing Myths


It costs a fortune, my business can’t afford it…

It can cost a lot if you don’t plan it well and know what return you’re going to get. But businesses really don’t need to spend much to see a positive impact on their turnover, and with our contacts, we can save you money. In fact, some things don’t cost anything at all, but don’t tell anyone!

Besides, can you afford not to market yourselves?


Marketing takes too much time – I’m just too busy running my business…

We know you can get tied up in the day to day management of things. Marketing can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. And anyway, that’s why we’re here to do it for you!


Marketing is a black art…

Not really. Of course marketers could make more money if we let you believe it is, but that’s not really very transparent or helpful to businesses is it? So, there really is no magic in it at all. At Bare Bones Marketing, it’s all about making it easy – we don’t hold anything up our sleeves!


Marketing can’t be measured…

It can. It’s that simple, we want to give you the best Return-on-Investment and to do that we measure any campaign spend or communication sent out.

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