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One of the major goals in marketing is to constantly develop a relationship with new prospects. One of the best ways of doing this is by using email marketing. However for it to be efficient and effetctive, you need a strong and up-to-date database. Here are four tips to strengthen your email list.

STEP 1 – Make it insanely easy to join your mailing list

Firstly, your website visitors shouldn’t struggle to find your signup form. Make sure it is clear and visible: put it on the homepage near interesting marketing or business content. Make sure that your potential subscribers know that your emails will bring them valuable information.

STEP 2 – Spread the word; rinse, repeat

Prepare several key messages that you can share any time through social media. Establish a clear call to action in order to continually promote your company’s signup link. Invite friends and followers to take the next step in engagement by sharing your signup link across social channels regularly because your most loyal fans and followers can become true ambassadors and advocates for your company.

STEP 3 – Be a (strategic) tease

Don’t hesitate to share snippets of emails on your social media. Raise the interest of your audience and give them a reason to sign up for future emails. Email conversion rate is 40 times higher than Facebook or Twitter so the whole challenge for your marketing is to transform the “fans” and “followers” into email subscribers and, ultimately, into customers.

STEP 4 – Create connections from everyday touchpoints

As a business you send tens (or even hundreds!) of emails every day – make the most of this! Each recipient is a potential new email subscriber. Utilising the company’s email footer by adding a signup link is a simple, free and easy way to reach new people.

Bare Bones Marketing run regular email campaigns for a wide range of businesses, so if you need some inspiration or a measurable campaign, get in touch!

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