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Ever wondered when it’s time to make that all important change? The one you have been trying to put off for all this time, yet know that it needs to be done before noticeable changes for the worse start to appear? Well today’s the day! Don’t worry, you will be pleased to know I am

PR is important

Public Relations is your business’s reputation and how you are perceived by your customers, your potential customers and the press – it is something you are responsible for managing, so it’s important to get it right! PR differs to advertising in that your buy diazepam online topix target audiences receive your message through a 3rd

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Businesses are really starting to tap into the full potential of social media this year. As part of the full marketing mix, social media helps drive more customer acquisition and retention and a good social media strategy allows you to promote the credibility, professionalism and personality of your brand. It’s a great for networking too!

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