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Ever wondered when it’s time to make that all important change? The one you have been trying to put off for all this time, yet know that it needs to be done before noticeable changes for the worse start to appear? Well today’s the day! Don’t worry, you will be pleased to know I am not talking about swapping beloved cake for an apple (although that’s not a bad idea considering it is bikini season!)


In fact, I am talking about whether it’s time to give your business image a whole new look. Although you may not think it, customers and consumers sometimes solely judge your business on how it looks. For example, an out of date image reflects your products or services- which might make them think these too must be out of date. Unfair I know, but it is reality!


Making changes to your business image is not as scary as you first may think. Small, simple changes can make a big difference. Ask yourself what you want to achieve from your new image. Do you want to attract new customers? Make your business stand out from competitors? Perhaps it’s your website that could do with a new look to improve its effectiveness. Be sure to think about your target audience and what where to buy cheap valium they would want to see. Whatever it is, addressing it sooner rather than later could mean the difference between a good and bad year for your business.


Recreating your brand image does not mean you have failed and is not something you should be embarrassed of! In fact, thousands of businesses, whether big or small, undergo this change every week! Recreating your business image for the better, can only speak positive for your business.


So take a look at your printed materials, your logo and your website and start to implement or at least think about how you can make changes to these for the better. And if you haven’t the time, there are plenty of companies out there (like us!) who are willing to help you and even make the changes for you! Now there are no excuses!


Here at Bare Bones Marketing, we like to practice what we preach, and in actual fact we are ramping up our image by changing our website as we speak! The website will be undergoing the proposed changes at the beginning of next week, so unfortunately our website will be down for a few days. But do not worry! Our website will be back soon; bigger and better than before. Just you wait and see.


By Emma Dalzell

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