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Helping your business move up the rankings on Google is all about creating effective search engine optimization (SEO). One of our previous “blog about a blog” posts talked about having a website blog and having a blog on your website involves having excellent but effective content on that blog. So, here’s where Bare Bones Marketing can help! By considering these 5 simple SEO writing tips, you will  not only be on your way to having a more relevant blog, but also on your way to maximizing your brand visibility.


Bare Bones Marketing Tips

 1) Be creative with the title – To ensure the best SEO results, create a catchy name that will hit the keywords you want and people will want to remember, share and tweet about. One of our most read blogs had “Murray Marketing” in the title!


2) Share your blog with your other social accounts –  Ensure your blog text is connected to your social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in. By doing so, this could drive more traffic and build awareness of your post


3) Make sure people know about your blog- Every time you post, you must promote! Make yourself heard by promoting your blog to your audience/readers through all social networks. Promotion is the only way your audience/readers will get the opportunity to hear you speak !


4) Keep writing and keep your audience interested –   Keep your posts relevant and fresh by adding content to your blog at least once a week (ideally twice though!). Mix your posts up, by perhaps posting a video one  week and information the next to keep your audience/readers interested and up to date!


5) Give people a reason to follow you – Give your audience/readers a reason to follow you! Whether you achieve this through useful information delivered to followers, through email or special offers for people who follow. Your audience needs a reason to follow you!


Adopt these 5 easy tips now to boost your blog rankings . If you need help with your blogs, contact Bare Bones Marketing today. Remember, we are here to help your business get more business!


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