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At Bare Bones Marketing, we write lots of blogs (not just for ourselves, but for clients too!) so we thought we’d give you some tips about how to write an effective blog! Here they are…

1) Make your blog appealing to read. Don’t use big blocks of text for people to wade through – chances are they won’t! Organize your blog posts into sections and include bullet points, subheadings and numbers. Think about using graphics like charts or diagrams to demonstrate your point.

2) Be passionate about your subject matter, if you don’t care your reader wont either! Use exciting and eloquent language to compel the reader.

3) Keep the content and tone of your blogs consistent and maintain the same look and feel – this stops regular visitors to your site becoming confused and wondering if they have come to the wrong site.

4) Connect with your readers in more ways than just the blog – make sure you have a presence on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In and keep all regularly updated and linked together. People want to know the personality behind the blog so make sure the ‘About Us’ on your website is up to date and contains images of the team.

5) Promote your blog! Don’t just write it and hope someone will stumble across it because they won’t! If you have something valuable to say, you need people to hear it, and promotion is the only way people are going to get the opportunity to do so! Promote your blog across all the social networks you are a part of.

6) Make sure your post titles are inviting and appealing, making the reader want to know more, also make sure they are accurate and relevant to the post content! Post titles will be seen in numerous places: on your blog, in search engine results, and on feeds so it’s absolutely worth spending the time to make sure they are perfect.

7) Write regular blogs to keep readers coming back! Ideally once a week if you have the time, but as often as you can.

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