As a Middlewich based business we are passionate about raising the profile of Middlewich in order to generate more income and visitors to the town so that we can all benefit. That is why in February we approached Middlewich Town Council with a plan to make Middlewich FAB Festival a more commercially focused event.

We saw Middlewich FAB Festival as an opportunity to drive even more benefit for the Middlewich economy as a whole and believe that it can become an independent profit centre for Middlewich Town Council in the coming years. We believed that our commercial and marketing expertise would help to make this a reality and the town council agreed.

Our plan involved introducing a marketing concept (see our blog post on “The Importance of Good Concept”). As our blog states a concept should be “engaging, memorable and campaignable”. We created an engaging mnemonic that was used in our through-the-line campaign. It had an engaging headline and used bold, bright colours to resemble freshness and modernity; key messages we were trying to convey to broaden the target audience appeal.

Our through-the-line campaign covered social media, radio, print, PR, newspaper advertising, video, and magazines. To optimise the campaign we negotiated “media partners” that included Signal 1, Signal 2 and The Crewe Chronicle. This cheap diazepam to buy created a total media reach of 2.14 million people. We used radio advertising on Signal to increase exposure and reach of the festival. We also gave both Signal and The Crewe Chronicle tickets to give away across their networks to drive awareness. Using our media relationships and reach we have implemented and managed a three month PR campaign to drip feed the media about the acts and events at FAB Festival. This has increased our media impact and coverage.

We also used our social media to increase the festival reach, expand the target audience and drive ticket sales. We used Twitter, Facebook, Facebook advertising and YouTube. We linked with the artists on these mediums in order to increase reach and agreed that they would share our content with their followers.

Facebook advertising amended

One of our recommendations was to encourage more corporate sponsorship by demonstrating more value and reach for their contribution. We did this by creating a media pack that we then sent to companies. We recruited Manchester Metropolitan University and Rainbow Day Nursery as festival corporate sponsors. We also recruited Kindertons Accident Management Ltd as corporate sponsor of “Street Fest”. Through this process we also recruited “Wish Upon a Sparkle” who are bringing Ibiza inspired face and body art to the festival.

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