St Dominic's Priory School by Bare Bones Marketing

We worked with St Dominic’s Priory School on the run up to the opening of their new boarding facility –Hallahan House.

We firstly created a marketing plan & strategy with the aim of promoting the opening of the boarding house and also achieving maximum occupancy within a specific time frame. We identified target audiences and then suggested methods of marketing to each for maximum impact. We then set a timeline and prioritised the marketing activities so all members of the team could see the deadlines to work to.

After we had identified the differing target audiences for the launch, we then buy valium diazepam created databases and researched the names of the specific people that were to be targeted with the marketing activity.

Following this we constructed the marketing letters to be sent out to each of these target audiences, tweaking each communication to be specifically relevant to its audience.

As part of the overall communication plan, we constructed a social media schedule predominantly for the school’s Facebook page which consisted of scheduled key messages aimed at differing target audiences. We encouraged users to ‘like’ the posts and also ‘share’ them with their contemporaries to spread the word.

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