Bare Bones Marketing have very recently created a new website for Middlewich Town Council. I have consulted with colleagues and we feel that the positive elements of their work with us and for us include:
– A very fresh approach, with stylish layout, features and content
– A businesslike approach to the exercise, very efficient, proactive but willing to take on our ideas too
– A professional way of working, producing a professional end product
– Reactive to any teething problems, working with us to cut down Jargon and Council speak
– But responding to what we need to be included on the website: Code of Conduct, Councillors details etc
– Working to ensure that posting, amending and updating is as simple and efficient as possible
– A very enthusiastic approach. We sense a passion for the work and a desire to do the best possible job for us
– Very engaging and flexible, and reacting quickly and with enthusiasm
– The sheer quality of the website probably speaks volumes. The evidence is there for all to see
– It represents good value for money

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bare Bones Marketing, we are delighted with ours and have enjoyed the way that the team has gone about their work.
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