TBE Solar & Renewables


About TBE Solar & Renewables

Founded in 2011, TBE Solar & Renewables is an extension of TB Electrics. TBE Solar & Renewables have a great team of ‘Solar’ experts working together to help businesses reduce their environmental impact and save money for the long-term. They are passionate about solar renewable energy and the state of the world in the long term.


Bare Bones Marketing Project 

Bare Bones Marketing  created a new brand identity and online presence, for TBE Solar & Renewables. Our work was full service from design to production and included:

  • Brand identity generation
  • Super graphic creation
  • Website with interactive solar calculator
  • Corporate collateral
  • Stationery suite
  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • PR
  • Blogs
  • Prezi production
  • Illustration
  • Animaker film
  • Email marketing
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