Why you should have a Twitter profile as well as a Facebook profile!

Do you have a Facebook presence, but not a Twitter presence? Read on to find out why your business, whether small or big, must have a Twitter profile.

  1. You can start conversation yourself – You don’t have to wait for conversations to arise, you can get into the crowd and start conversations with your audience yourself! So, who is it you want to tweet? Whoever they are, don’t be afraid and just do it!
  2. Twitter is very quick and simple – Twitter will spread your tweets in a matter of hours and is very simple to use, with little changes being made to the social media site.
  3. Target marketing – Twitter is an excellent tool for identifying your target audience. You can locate people who have similar interests. Also, retweeting – where your followers resend your tweets to other interested parties – can also help to build your customer base.
  4. Twitter builds brand identity – Twitter is about building relationships with potential clients and everyone else! This is a great way to build your brand’s identity.
  5. Hijack hashtags – There’s nothing wrong with being a bit cheeky when it comes to joining in on other people’s hashtags, as long as you do it the right way!

There you have it and now its your turn to make a difference to your brand!

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