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The use of Webinars (online seminars) in small and medium sized businesses is on the up as they are realising that they are a more cost effective way of working.  Businesses are now getting more return on investment from online events versus in-person events.

A Webinar is a one-to-many virtual event delivered online for marketing, education, or other business purposes and they have allowed businesses to expand their reach and cost-effectively train employees or customers.

With webinars, businesses and organisations can successfully:

• Generate qualified prospect leads,

• Reach and influence hard-to-reach prospects or decision makers,

• Position their firm in the marketplace ahead of the competition, regardless of their size,

• Educate employees or clients

• Create more sales and revenue.

Many companies have been forced to make cuts in their promotional budgets. Business travel and the marketing budget as a whole has been severely reduced by even the largest corporations and the loss of face to face top rated online generic pharmacy contact can be potentially damaging. Therefore a webinar can be a company’s saving grace as a way of meeting, presenting and engaging with a large audience all at the same time Another advantage of webinars is that you don’t have to be an expert in IT to set one up, most companies are now enabling employees to set them up with ease.

Communicating through online video has increased tremendously over the past few years. At first online video was seen as a ‘consumer’ application for example YouTube. Now companies are discovering that using online video is an effective way to reach clients and employees in a targeted, but still personal, manner.

So could a webinar work for your business? If you are thinking about it, tune in next week where we’ll be offering our Top Tips on how to set up and run an effective webinar…



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