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No, this isn’t a blog about spelling!

Given the current climatic challenges the UK has faced over the last few days, I wondered who was taking advantage of the opportunities the snow provided and who was just using it as an excuse for poor service?

I think it is fair to say that we (and by “we” I mean the British) have a reputation for having a stiff upper lip. Until it comes to some flakes of white stuff falling from the sky and then it appears much of British industry falls to pieces. OK, so some of you couldn’t make it in to the office. Some of you tried, but turned around. I bet the true entrepreneurs saw it as an opportunity though, if not to sell more of their http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html wares, then to use that white out time to look at their plans, to work on their business, or to market themselves.

Lots of marketing can be done whether the weather allows you to be out and about or not. Did you spend your time on social media talking about how annoying the snow was or building relationships because (or in spite) of it? Did you dig out your old marketing plan – you do have one don’t you? – and decide what your new one for the year was going to be? How about updating your website? Did you contact your customers and see if there was anything you could help with if they were snowed in themselves?

Or did you hunker down and wait for the big melt?


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