Value the customer, even if you think they are a tyre kicker.

Picture the following scenario……you have been looking for new kitchen units.  You’ve found a local kitchen company who gladly comes out to give you a quote and options, but upon visiting the showroom, you’re not 100% with the suggested door fronts, so go home to think more about it.  You call a few days later and leave a message with your thoughts.  No call back.  You call a few days after that and speak to the owner.  Their response is ‘put it in an email and I will get back to you’.

What a wasted opportunity.  Here is a potential customer, or a potential future referrer.  Yes, it might seem like the customer is a tyre kicker, or is only worth a small amount, but each and every lead these days should be valued.  Every contact with a customer or potential customer is an opportunity.   If it isn’t a job you are interested in, then manage the customers expectations, because you never know where it might lead.

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