It can sometimes feel like the world is being taken over by technology. As a small business you will know relationships with customers are very important so how would your customers feel, if you were replaced with a computer?


This thought occurred after waiting in a shop queue. With only one other person ahead of me, I was approached by a member of staff and asked if I would like to use the self serve checkouts. When I declined, I was told “it will be a lot quicker”- to which I politely declined again. The assistant then said “I promise it will be quicker, I will even do it for you”.


This surely defeats the object of a self serve till? However, I stood my ground and said once again I would prefer to be served at a till point, to which the assistant finally took the hint.


When being served, the assistant had overheard my conversation and congratulated me on standing firm. “I hate them too” she said. “They won’t need us much longer”.


This got me thinking about the consequences from a marketing perspective. If eventually these organisations swap all tills to self serve, at what point will you come into contact with an actual person? How can there be any customer interaction to build up brand loyalty when there is no human engagement?


Brand personality is a term often used in marketing and is something that we marketers insist on to differentiate yourself from the competition. The point of a brand personality is to create an emotional attachment to your brand and therefore hopefully create a loyal and happy relationship with your customers.


Interacting with the assistant, if only to bond over the hatred of self serve tills, allowed me to leave with a smile on my face, even if it was at the irony of the situation and the kindness of the lady; Something I certainly wouldn’t have got from a self-serve till screaming “unexpected item in the bagging area” at me.


If you apply this logic to your own business, how do you deal with your customers? Are they leaving happy or feeling overwhelmed by your technology or process. Technology is a wonderful thing and can enhance our lives making things quicker and easier, but it is still nice to have some human interaction.


Think about your marketing and how you deal with your customers, could you be a bit more personal? If you don’t know how to go about it – get in touch with us at Bare Bones Marketing and get yourself a brand personality.


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