Text Content on colorful wooden cubesAlthough marketing is about grabbing your audiences’ attention with colours, catchy phrases and engaging images, marketing is even more about communicating with your customers and engaging them through tailored content, that they find useful or worth sharing, whether it is through words, video or an image.

What exactly should content marketing mean to your business? In a nutshell, content marketing is all about what you put into your social media and online channels. Think of content marketing as a piece of information (content) that you create, which helps you to engage and build relationships with your audience.

Content can include blogs, podcast recordings, infrographics, Vlogs, White Papers and downloadable guides, tips and advice or even e-books and can be seen as a driving force for many businesses. When you give something to your readers that is valuable, you help build a relationship, which means people are more likely to return to your content, and your business, in the future.

To get and keep your audience’s attention, your content needs to be amazingly useful and incredibly interesting.  If you’re considering using content marketing to drive your business’ sales, then consider these top tips to a successful approach.

1. Fill a need – Make sure your content fulfils an unmet need or answers a particular question your customers may have. Do your research and ask customers what advice they would like, or jargon they don’t understand – then solve that problem for them with your posts or podcasts.

2. Write something interesting – You should put yourself in your audience’s shoes to better understand what they want to read and what they’re already searching for in order to write some cracking content that is fun and entertaining to read! Remember, the tone and content should be directed towards your key target audience, so if you are aiming at a corporate reader, you might make it a little more formal than if you are targeting a teenager!

3. Find your unique voice – Understand your voice and personality and share it. If your company’s persona has a little humour, or is quirky, use it to make your content stand out! At Bare Bones Marketing, we are all about being a down-to-earth and friendly bunch of people when it comes to marketing, so you should see that in all of the content we write !

4. Aim to be the best – Though you might not be able to achieve this at the beginning, the ultimate goal for your content is to be considered the top of the class, and an expert in your field! If you expect your customer to spend time reading and even sharing your content, you should deliver amazing value for them!

If you would like any more help or advice, then contact the Bare Bones Marketing Team!


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