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Last week we talked about how Webinars are a really cost effective way of communicating with potential clients and customers so here are our Top Tips for a successful Webinar!

When planning how many speakers to have – think BIG! Having two speakers perhaps one from outside the company and one from within will bring additional content and perspective, and it promotes interactivity between the speakers and moderator. In addition, outside speakers may have email and contact lists that your business can use to promote webinars.

When it comes to promotion and follow-up plans, send multiple invitation mailings, use multiple lists or media for promotion, execute multiple reminder notices to registrants, and, for marketing events, use a multi-step follow-up sequence to convert registrants to revenue. Consider turning a great single webinar into a webinar series.

So what about the Topic? Your audience will generally ask, “What will I learn by attending this event?” Ideally, a webinar subject should provide advice, best practices, and new research that will help attendees in their business. So make the shift from “What does my small organisation want to talk about?” to “What does my audience want to learn?” And, articulate the subject in a way that gets their attention by writing good headlines. This is a vital step to achieve an organisation’s objectives on a small budget.

The key feature of webinar promotion will be the email invitation. Consider the following formula: get their Attention with a compelling headline, build their Interest and Desire buy diazepam online in the uk through features and benefits of the webinar, and then call them to Action urgently by encouraging them to register now. A little extra promotional thought and skill put into the invitation copy can significantly increase attendance and results.

Capture rich data about your potential customers. At registration, choose what information you want to capture from your registrants. Generally, this would include the person’s business title, email address, physical address, phone number, role in the buying process and company. So before the event even takes place, you have captured lead information.

A best practice for webinar production is recording every event, posting the recording, and then inviting those who registered but did not attend to watch the recording. If someone signed up for your webinar, you know they have at least some interest in the topic, so offer them the opportunity to learn from your webinar and follow up with them after. Smaller businesses have doubled the number of viewers of their marketing webinars from this simple technique.

Use social media to reach prospective attendees and engage an audience before, during, and after events. Obviously, if your organisation has existing social media channels that can reach a potential audience, you can leverage this to drive registrations. And, even a simple Twitter conversation using well-publicised hashtags can encourage interaction during an event, or promote feedback and questions from the audience.

Why not try a webinar within your business and see if it is a cost effective way to market yourself.

Top Tips for Webinars

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