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Email marketing campaigns are an essential part of your marketing strategy. They communicate and build relationships with your audience, gather important data, and can help boost your marketing ROI. To build, execute, and maintain effective email marketing campaigns, you must pay close attention to your audience, the message, and avoid sending purely self-promotional messages. This will only lead to more recipients hitting the delete button rather than opening your message. So, here are some tips before you start:


  • Use your subject line to grab recipients’ attention – the recipient decides whether or not to open the email depending on the subject so choose it wisely.  It should be short (max. 50 characters) so that the width of the reader’s inbox doesn’t cut it off, it should have keywords at the beginning of the message to grab your customer’s attention and if you can use the customer’s name in the subject line this will encourage your target to open the email. There’s no point putting your brand name in the subject line as it will already appear as the sender. Lastly, use words like “promotional”, “win”, “one off”, “unmissable” etc. to attract attention and spark interest.


  • Study your campaign analytics – pay attention to things like what pages people clicked through to on your website, number of visits, visit frequency, social sharing, and then how you can segment them based on their behaviours. You want to make sure you are measuring engagement in addition to traditional metrics.


  • Deliverability – even the best plan will fail if your message doesn’t reach the inbox of your intended recipient. Proof your buy diazepam online belfast messages beforehand and identify any issues that may prevent your message from getting to your prospect’s inbox. Avoid common spam trigger words like free, opportunity, offer and click here.


  • Make sure you’ve got the right message to the right audience – there’s no point in sending out an email promotion if it isn’t relevant to the person you’re sending it to. You’ll only waste your time in sending it and they may well “unsubscribe”, which means you’ll lose the opportunity to communicate with them in future. Think carefully about your message, the more targeted and relevant, the better. Gone are the days of “blanket” emails!


  • Always use social shares – by including social share buttons on your emails, you are encouraging your readers to continue the conversation with their peers. Whether it is a content piece or an event invite, you will have more opportunities to spread your word if you include easy functionality for your readers to share your message.


  • Timing – emailing in the wrong part of the week or wrong time of day is a seriously important factor in the overall success of the campaign. Monday can be rather hectic so it is an obvious no-no. Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the best days since people will be starting to wind down for the weekend but still relatively engaged. Frequency of your emails should also warrant some consideration. Send too many emails and your readers will lose interest. Send too few and people will forget all about you!

So there are the basics, we hope you find these tips useful – good luck!!

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