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Are you a small business thinking about doing your own PR? Here are some things to consider!

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The world of PR can be a bit of a minefield, so before you even start to write your press release, here are some things to think about…

  1. Is it really news? Journalists can be ruthless, they receive several press releases a day, so if yours seems irrelevant or just not really newsworthy they will discard it. So make sure you have a story – if you are writing with the local press in mind, a local angle which could be a community event or a charitable cause, may catch the journalist’s eye.
  2. What’s your angle? Refine, tailor & personalise and try and look at it from the readers’ perspective – what will the editors and journalists want to see from a news story that targets their publication?
  3. Use Facts, Figures & Stats. Including any stats or research that relate to your news story will give it more weight, make it more credible and indeed more interesting!
  4. Use Case Studies – generally the media will be keen to hear what buying diazepam in thailand your clients and customers have to say about you, rather than you talking about how great you are! They want to talk to the people who have spent the money. So if you can create case studies that tell the before, during and after story, and also make sure there are a few clients/customers who will talk to the media directly then this will be to your advantage.
  5. Always include a relevant image with your press release, this will make it stand out more and make it easy for the journalists to run your story without having to come back to you for an image.
  6. Build your distribution list gradually, find out the relevant journalists that write for your sector of the market. Build relationships with them over time and they will be more likely to publish your stories if they know and trust you and your company.

So there you have it, some top tips to get you started. For more advice or help with your PR, contact us at Bare Bones Marketing and we will lend a friendly ear!

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