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The latest buzz in the online retail market is that of ‘Flash Sales’ these are time-limited offers of high discounts. The system is a win-win for both retailers and consumers: retailers can build brand loyalty and at the same time, sell surplus stock within a short span of time.

What a great idea – appealing to the consumer and creating a strong call to action – drawing on the ‘miss it, miss out’ effect! More and more buy diazepam eu companies are realising this and are jumping on the bandwagon, they see it as a great opportunity to offload stock without eating into their profit margin due to the brief nature of the sale.

Consumers are targeted by email, invited to the sale, creating an air of exclusivity, a ‘members only’ ambience.  The message is then spread virally resulting in multiple hits to the website.

Would Flash Sales work for your online business…..?

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