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Many believe film to be a tool for B2C marketing only, however, this is also an important element of a multi-tiered marketing mix when targeting a B2B market. Consider this, why would a busy business decision-maker want to plough through pages of copy instead of receiving a short direct message in 30 seconds? With social media platforms being incorporated more and more into B2B plans, now is the time to engage with your target market on a grassroots level and be memorable.

When developing strategies, it is important to be different and stand out from the competition. As a Client Services Director, this is key to my clients’ success. Producing film for our clients has delivered incredible results over the past year. Sales targets have been smashed and campaigns have delivered double the forecast results. Website visits have increased by thousands of percent and brand awareness has been firmly planted. Our films have generated interest and intrigue, engaging with our target market, all achieved on tight budgets.

Film no longer needs to cost thousands if not millions of pounds in production. With the expansion of image and music libraries, companies can create films for a few hundred pounds with buy diazepam australia special effects that communicate their key messages. Engaging visuals and intriguing music can bring a corporate message to life in a short succinct manner that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

In addition, TV or cinema is no longer the only medium to place your film. Using audio and visual in targeting your client base is far more impactful and memorable through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, the film can be hosted on the company’s website via YouTube, which also adds to elevate SEO, another big tick on a wish list to add prominence to websites. YouTube is actually now the second largest search engine and is not only a great place to host film, but a cost-effective and measurable advertising medium with an average CPM which can be as low as 2p per viewer.

Online and digital is essential to reach any individual and film is king. So why not create a short film about your business? Or numerous film about your products and services? Contact Bare Bones Marketing for more information on www.bbmarketing.co.uk or visit our YouTube channel to view some of our films http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRlt8ho4FtYAQWcgNl-55Qw

Written by Emma Bowman

Client Services Director

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