We understand that running a business is tough and creating one from scratch is even harder,which is why we have posted a few simple marketing tips to help your business along the way!Two puzzle pieces

1. Review your marketing strategy – Reviewing your strategy on a quarterly basis will ensure you stay on track and identify any hiccups along the way to achieving your businesses goals and stay ahead of your competitors!

2. Let your audience do the hard work for you! – Feedback through testimonials, recommendations or case studies are great ways to encourage customer engagement and improve your brand’s credibility and reputation. So don’t be afraid to ask!

3. Keep marketing content fresh and appealing – Update your website on a regular basis through blogs or news to keep your audience updated and engaged.  Remember to also keep content fresh and appealing on social media to maintain and build relationships with your audience by involving them in whatever you post! Customers feel more connected to brands where there is a sense of involvement and interaction and social media is a great way to achieve this!. Think of social media as a marriage – if you don’t communicate well and keep your marriage fresh, your partner will most probably lose interest. The same applies to your customers!

4. Get emotionally connected with your audience – Passion is the key to attaining success. If you have passion for your brand and business then you won’t have any problems building an emotional connection with your audience. Facebook, Twitter, videos, newsletters and direct marketing are great ways to communicate and build a connection with your audience! If you are committed to making your customers happy getting emotionally connected with them will be a piece of cake!

If you would like any further help with your marketing, contact the Bare Bones Marketing Team today!


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