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An effective survey can help your business identify its strengths and weaknesses and use the information to improve and grow your business. But the golden rule to remember is to ask the right questions in order to gain the right information!

Here are a few tips to help you create an effective and engaging customer survey. Here are a few tips to help you create an effective and engaging customer survey.

1. What are your goals? – Defining a clearly defined set of objectives is a great starting point to designing an effective customer survey. Clear goals should guide your business through the choice of questions and will allow you to eliminate irrelevant points. Your objectives should determine everything from the format of your survey to the types of customers interviewed and the types of questions asked. Consider whether you want in-depth answers or a statistically significant result.

2. Are you asking the right questions? – Bare in mind that people have fairly short attention spans, so too many questions could encourage your audience to lose interest and completion rates to drop. Try to let your audience expand on your questions. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions wont give you as much information compared to open ended questions. The easier you make the survey the more responses you’ll get.

3.  Offer an incentiveYou may want to offer an incentive to encourage your audience to complete your survey. For example, you may decide to offer a small discount on your website or free downloadable white paper to motivate your audience to complete your survey.

4. Test-run your survey – Sending out a trial-run survey can be effective in identifying potential faults or elements that work best. Why not try testing your survey out on family and friends to identify which questions strike a chord?

5. Go viral – Once your survey is ready to go, get the word out to your audience via your website and social media channels and even via an email newsletter and at the end of blog posts. This will ensure the highest possible completion rates.

As responses come in make sure you’re responding to the feedback as soon as possible, this will show your audience that you value their insight and will go along way in building and sustain relationships. If you’d like anyone help, contact Bare Bones Marketing today!

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