"Call us" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboardOne of the most important aspects of your landing page or any marketing is its call-to-action; there’s no question about it. All Call to Actions’ aren’t just about sticking buttons on your business’ landing page, and involves the entire design and content to help your audience move down the conversion funnel.

CTAs are the difference between the curious and the converted. If you write interesting content you’ll have readers interested in viewing your website but they’re unlikely to do what your business wants them to unless you ask and make this clear. So we thought we’d share a couple of great tips to help you design your CTA for your business and to help prompt conversions.

  1. Make it clear – Ensure your CTA is big, bold and noticeable. It’s no use having a CTA if your audience can’t find it, so don’t force your target audience to search for it. Make your CTA the most noticeable element on your landing page or marketing and remember to keep it simple.
  2. Create a sense of urgency – Creating a sense of urgency by using factors such as a limited time offers will prompt your audience to act quickly for fear of missing the chance to get a great deal. Ensure the incentive is made clear to the customer so that they understand what they’re getting when they click the button.
  3. Make your CTA attention grabbing – Your business’ CTA should grab your audience’s attention by using compelling text and a bold design. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours, as long as the use of colour doesn’t clash with the colour of your landing page or brand, your CTA will stand out. Why not give your CTA a bold border or make the font larger? Adding a short line of supporting text below the CTA will hold your audiences’ interest for longer.
  4. Use active and descriptive phrases – Phrases such as ‘Download Now’ ‘Get Started’ or ‘Learn More’ creates a sense of positive action that encourages your audience further towards the conversion route.

So now you’ve read ‘The Bare Bones Marketing’ guide to creating a really effective CTA, it’s time to start. If you’d like any more help with your CTA contact ‘The Bare Bones Marketing Team’ today!


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