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That’s the way not to do it…and by “it” I mean marketing.

We all make mistakes (my poor grammar above was not a mistake, it was poetic licence!), and to be fair, that’s how we learn to do things better. But in marketing, some mistakes are just Homer Simpson “Doh” moments.

One of Bare Bones Marketing’s favourites was the opticians who had a special offer on glasses, for which the potential customer needed a special offer code. The opticians wondered why they’s had no response, was the offer not strong enough, was the target audience wrong? Or maybe it was because they’d put the offer in tiny font, so small that someone with 20/20 vision couldn’t have read it let alone someone who needed glasses. Ah…that’s probably why.

I have some new contenders for the “That’s not the way to do it” Awards. Feel free to laugh out loud, roll your eyes or shake your head rapidly (but don’t give yourself a headache)! And if you have any more – let me know and we’ll add them to the list.

Contender 1

The communications company who mailed the house to promote their specialist services for flats.

Contender 2

The double glazing company who sent two mailings on the same day, one personalised and one to the occupier. The generic one to the occupier had the better offer – why bother go to the effort and cost of personalising, not to mention the cost of post and print of sending two!

Contender 3

Another communication company (not the same one as before though), who sent a mailing to someone trying to get them to swap to their services. What’s wrong with that? They’d mailed an existing customer. What a waste of money, not to mention potentially hacking off the customer with a better offer than they already had.


I’m highlighting these as “That’s not the way to do it” candidates not to make a mockery of them (well maybe a little bit) but to get you to think twice about your marketing and to learn from other peoples mistakes.


Don’t forget if you have any more, send them through and we’ll add them to the list!

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