Whats Your Story BlackboardSo, what’s your story? Why are you in business? Why should it matter to your target audience? Everyone has a story to share, and making the emotional connection with your audience begins with storytelling! But why are we so in love with storytelling? Great stories make your audience develop thoughts, opinions and ideas, and those emotions create powerful connections between your audience, the characters in your story and of course, your brand and business!

Storytelling is a great marketing tactic, based on the idea that your audience will remember information better when told as a story, rather than presented as a list of facts. Stories are more relatable and inspire an emotional reaction from your audience. So, any marketing campaign that creates an emotional response, whether it may be empathy, sympathy or laughter, is more likely to be remembered!

Great storytelling is also an effective marketing tool to foster a brand’s voice, personality, brand loyalty and brand value. It involves the audience in the process by engaging parts of their brains that give them sensory experiences, and makes them feel like they know your brand and business. Your audience will respond better to advertisements and marketing efforts that are more engaging, and ultimately, will create an emotional connection!

If your audience can see themselves as characters in your story, they’ll be more likely to adopt your product or service and ultimately, experience the happy ending that you have to offer! Combining buy cheap generic valium online your story with emotional music and powerful imagery, storytelling is a less obvious form of persuasion that engages your audience, rather than telling them to buy your product or service!

Your audience will love stories, especially ones they can personally relate to, and not only are stories more personal, they are inspiring, emotional, motivational and memorable! Here are a few great tips to help lift your story off the ground…….

1. Identify your target audience – Make sure you know who your audience are, so you can publish  or tell them great stories that they are interested in. Remember to keep them relevant.

2. Make your story visual – Your audience want to see your story as well as read and hear about it. Visuals make your story and brand more interesting and more importantly, more memorable! Photos, videos, infographics, slides or graphs, are all great visuals to paint a memorable picture in your audience’s mind.

3. Discover different media – Storytelling comes in different forms – novels, articles, blog posts, vlogs. Don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone and try out the different types of media.

4. Fascinate your audience – If you work hard to fascinate your audience, they will definitely remember your story and your brand. They may even repeat your story to others, a great extension of your marketing.

If you would like help in creating persuasive marketing, contact the Bare Bones Marketing Team today!

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