As the trend of content marketing continues to increase, there is a tremendous need for brands to create compelling content to fuel their target audiences’ hunger and provide them with the information they are looking for. To achieve this, many companies are seeking to enhance their marketing and SEO efforts by capturing the attention of their audience via video. However, some businesses simply find it to be a bit of a daunting task as well as too expensive and time consuming to create their own video marketing.

Here at Bare Bones Marketing we have uncovered a new video marketing tool that is easy to use, free of charge (for the entry level) and just takes a few minutes.

We have discovered “Moovd”, which is an easy-to-use online video marketing creation tool designed to help brands and businesses create distinctive videos for advertising and branding. It transforms the text you type into a striking and engaging animated marketing text video within seconds.

Moovd overcomes two of the biggest problems in video – time and money and we think it is a great way for businesses to deliver engaging marketing to their target audience in an effective and different way!

Video is a powerful engagement tool to implement into your marketing strategy and if used correctly, can help your business engage with your audience, keep them interested and ultimately, stay ahead of the competition.  As with all of the tools we suggest for our customers, we’ve tried Moovd ourselves. In fact, it helped us win over a new client, which is why we decided to share it.   Here are just a few of the great benefits of Moovd that your brand and business can take advantage of for your marketing.

  1. Tailor your background and fonts – Moovd gives you the ability to upload your own high resolution backgrounds to your video. This diazepam order lorazepam means that if you own a cake making business, you can upload a nice yummy cake as your background image on your marketing video, or if you own a dress making shop, you can upload a dress as the background image. You can customise your background and fonts to match your brand logo for example, if your logo includes purples and whites as the main colour theme, try to embed this into your video so that your deliver a consistent brand image. This will ensure your deliver an eye catching marketing video that perfectly matches your brand.
  2. Improve user experience – Moovd turns your words into a powerful animated message to grab your audience’s attention within seconds. It’s a very simple approach to video marketing that’s especially great for small businesses as it is so easy to use. Add your logo, music and of course your call to action. You’ll see the results straight away and you can even edit the videos as many times as you like to ensure your video is spot on! You can really have an impact on getting your marketing message across to customers.
  3. Moovd can be used for anything – That’s right, Moovd can be used for absolutely anything, from videos for landing pages, social media, email marketing, advertising, events, trade shows and conferences to presentations, you name it, and Moovd can really get your marketing message across simply and very effectively!

Moovd is an effective tool to use, which can really leave a long lasting impression on your customers and create a simple, yet powerful, connection with your audience. If you’re still not convinced or would like any help with Moovd, then contact the Bare Bones Marketing Team today and we’ll be happy to help! Follow the link here to get started and let us know how you get on!

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