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On Halloween, we thought it only proper to talk about how many businesses find marketing really scary!


Scary Marketing Research 

Our research last year highlighted that:Red Skeleton


6% of businesses are petrified of marketing themselves!!

10% are so scared that they don’t actually do any marketing!

33% are scared that when they do any marketing they’ll get it wrong


35% might not be petrified, but they definitely want to have more confidence.


Oh and by the way, 15% are completely freaked out by the idea of writing a marketing plan.


So, marketing is scary, right?

We understand why businesses might find marketing scary, but we want to try to dispel that myth. Lets compare marketing to a cup of coffee. At a basic level, put some coffee in a cup and add hot water. Not difficult right? Feeling a bit more adventurous? Add some milk. Not enough milk? Add some more. Fancy a latte? Heat the milk up before you put it in and froth it up a bit. Now we’re not saying that you’ve automatically become a world class barista, but you’ve managed to make at least a drinkable and presentable cup of coffee.

Now if you want to get a bit more fancy and make lots of different ones, you’ll need to plan it a bit. How much milk, how many cups, what different flavours, have you got the right tools? Just a bit of thought really.

You’ve probably got the basic elements for the first cup already (unless you’re a staunch tea drinker and ban coffee from your presence!), you just need to get up and boil the kettle.

For the more adventurous, yes, you need a bit more planning, and you’ll probably want to test different flavours and styles.

Not too scary?

Marketing is no different. You’ve already got the initial ingredients (you and your time), you just need to take that first step. If you’ve already done the basics (maybe set up a twitter account or got your website or logo) and you’re looking to become a bit more adventurous, you need a plan. Even if it’s a post it note with your ideas, who you’re going to aim your marketing at and when you’re going to do it. We’re not talking about a 40 page, five year marketing plan (although Emma’s done a few of those in her time, and they are a bit scary!!); just a sheet of paper to start with.


And for those businesses are so scared about marketing, that they just don’t do any – how is anyone going to find out about you? How are you going to grow and how is your product or service ever going to be recognised? Isn’t it more scary NOT to do any marketing? If you’re still petrified, you can always give the team at Bare Bones Marketing a shout – our name might make you think of a skeleton, but we’re a friendly bunch here to help you get rid of your marketing demons and put some flesh on the bones!


Happy Halloween from Bare Bones Marketing!!


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