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Once you’ve designed the perfect email campaign, the next step is getting your audience to open it. Did you know that, there’s only three lines that are displayed automatically once your email is sent: the Subject line, the First line and the From line? This is exactly why these three lines are the only lines that are important for maximising your email open rates, so we’ve put together a few steps to help optimise these three lines.

Subject lines – A well crafted subject line is the key to ensuring your message gets across. When thinking about what to include in your subject line, think about what calls-to-action entice you to open an email? Think about the kinds of words you could use to engage  your audience into opening the email. Go for personal words such as ‘I’ and ‘You’ or even their first name to make the campaign personal to your audience, and to create an emotional connection with them!

First lines –  It’s not just about the subject line anymore, the first line of the email accompanies the subject line, and therefore is a key part of the email message. Think of the first line as a sub-headline that provokes your audience to find out more!

From lines  –  Your email should come from a real person, and what this really boils down to, is including a real name in the “From” line of your email. This means avoiding “From” lines such as ‘customer services’ and ‘sales’. Again, personalisation is essential for connecting with your target audience, and one way of achieving this is by including your name within the “From” line.

You might want to also consider including a small picture of the sender along with their signature, to help set a personal and friendly tone.

So, before you send your email campaign, take your time to optimise these three lines that your audience will notice first, and if you’d like any help designing your email campaign, we’d be happy to help!

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