Your logo, along with your brand is one of the first impressions of your business.

But if you saw your own logo would you buy from yourself?


Maybe your logo needs to be brighter, bolder or perhaps you just don’t know what it needs.

Some small businesses may have a vague idea of something that they call a logo but some may not even have one!


But when logos help brands become worth millions, it makes me wonder why people neglect them so much. Think of Apple, Coca-Cola and all the global brands they translate into every language. I understand small businesses do not have the same resources as the brand giants, but there is no reason why your logo can’t have the same effect locally.


When looking at these iconic logos (we’ve pictured some at the bottom of the page) you will notice some trends – none of them are overly complicated; most consist of a font or a basic shape with one or two bright colours. The images below prove that you can recognise brands and their logos even when only parts are exposed.


For example do you know what the C below belongs to?



A good logo should be transferable into different marketing material (websites, leaflets, adverts, stationery etc) and create a good first impression, telling everyone exactly what you’re about.


If your logo isn’t up to scratch, all your supporting material will suffer too – chances are if you don’t like your logo, your leaflets, business cards and websites aren’t going to be your pride and joy either.


So here are some top tips for your logo design

Brand Values

It’s important to ensure that anything you design incorporates your brand values, for example Innocent Smoothies, not only reflect their values in their order diazepam from india name but also their logo with a halo! Even their packaging lists all of their ingredients – being entirely open about its content and being honest and good ties in with the ‘Innocent’ values.


Stand out from the crowd

Whilst communicating your values is vital, the design needs to be attention grabbing and draw in your audience making them want to know more. There may be lots of businesses out there similar to yours – your logo can make you stand out!


Keep it simple

Remember where your logo will be used. Will it look good on a 6ft banner as well as a tiny business card. Overly complicated logos may look too busy when reduced down to size and might not offer such a good first impression.


Think about the colours

Make sure you use colours that will work for both you and your target audience. Pastel colours work well for more “calming” brand values; bold colours can work well if you want to be a bit more “assertive”. Consider how well the colours work together and how clearly they will print on different material.

 Logo Quiz

Now you have read about logos why not have a go at guessing the ones below, send us your answers and whoever gets them all correct, will have their name put into a hat to win one of our insulated, travel coffee cups (you can put tea in it too)! Number your answers 1 – 35 and send them on an email to by 5pm on Friday 11th October, 2013. The winner will be drawn on Tuesday 15th October, 2013. We’ll be announcing the winner (and the correct answers!) via our website, Twitter and our Facebook page


Click below to reveal more logo’s.




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