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Bare Bones Marketing is donating its services for charity!

Bare Bones Marketing is offering one local charity two hours of marketing advice at no cost. The charity must be within within 10 miles of Middlewich and be a small local charity (ie. not one that has national or central marketing assistance).

Small businesses often need help with their marketing because they are focused on running their day-to-day business and struggle to find time to work on marketing themselves, even though they know they need to. Charities are no different, so I want to offer one local charity help with their marketing. They can ask for advice on any marketing challenge they have…whether their buy diazepam in uk online existing marketing is not getting the results they need, some new ideas for raising money, or how to get their name better known.

In today’s climate, like any small business, charities must generate the most revenue for their marketing budget, so if you know of a local charity that wants some extra help, here’s what they need to do…They must outline their marketing challenges and why they need help in no more than 200 words and email them to info@bbmarketing.co.uk by 5pm on Monday 3rd October, 2011. They must include their contact details and registered charity number. The successful applicant will be notified by 5pm on Friday 7th October, 2011.



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