Timely & relevant are key marketing principles, so when I went past a local coffee shop today, I wanted to go in. Not to buy their coffee, but to shake them by the shoulders and ask them what they were thinking!

Like many local establishments (you’ll see them all around the country), they have a chalkboard outside displaying their latest offer. Two key words here: “Chalkboard” and “Latest”

By the very nature that it is a “Chalkboard”, it means that it can be changed easily, every hour if need be, but at least daily if they were smart about it.

“Latest” means “most recent” and, therefore hopefully, most relevant to passers-by.

So, have you looked out of the window recently, and in this instance, by “recently” I mean in the last few days or a week? Well, if you’re reading this from a UK location, or possibly Northern Europe (or even from what I hear some parts of North America), you’ll have noticed that despite it being June, it is also freezing cold and raining. A lot. So much so, that it broke my umbrella yesterday.

So, what is their “latest” offer I hear you ask? Hot Latte with Warming Gingerbread Syrup? Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Whipped Cream?


With any luck, the downpours will have washed the chalk of the chalkboard soon and they’ll have to come up with a new offer!!

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