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Has the New Year got you thinking about your Brand? Is your branding consistent across all channels?

Your brand is an intangible element of your business, it is more than just your logo, it is how your company is perceived in your customers’ minds.

With this in mind, it’s important it is to ensure you are communicating the same message or ‘brand voice’ consistently through everything that you do.

Ask yourself – does your brand look and ‘feel’ the same in your printed marketing as it does in your online presence? A common look and feel throughout all of your marketing will build recognition and trust in your brand. Remember that your target audience may see your brand through multiple media channels, for instance they see a print advert, see your brochure drop through their door and then see your online presence on Facebook – these three points of contact, need to have one consistent brand.

Your brand on Social where to buy diazepam in australia Media

It is so important for your brand to be consistent on Social Media – you want people to remember you! In this visual world the look of you and your brand is paramount! Remember:

Headshots – keep your headshot consistent across all the social media channels, so people will recognise you more easily.

Logo – repeat your logo and feature it everywhere you can!

Colours – make sure the colours that you use on your website co-ordinate with your headshot and logo – then everything flows together nicely!

Fonts – your font is another reflection of your brand and who you are, so choose wisely. Make sure it flows with your colours, logo and brand identity.

Lastly make sure that brand YOU is consistent across all social media channels – be the same person on Facebook that you are on Twitter, people want to see a consistent personality behind the brand or else they will get confused!

If you need any help with your brand management – be it managing your social media or assisting you with a total re-brand, then give us a shout!


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