If you were asked who you thought the biggest and most recognised brands were today, what would you say? Apple, Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft? But what about Santa Claus?

Whether or not you believe in the man that hails from the north and comes down your chimney on the 25th December, Santa Claus defines an emotion and a feeling inside of us all. When you think of Santa, you’re brought back to your childhood, opening your presents on Christmas morning and gathering with friends and family for Christmas dinner. Santa Claus is a really strong brand!

Did you know, Santa Claus is the envy of most brand managers today? Santa’s values and passions are clear and consistent and his brand values Cropped Christmas Monkeyare identifiable and desirable to everyone. If you were asked to describe Santa’s brand values what would you say? Jolliness, kindness, hardworking, generous, magic, giving and fair, maybe? Even parts of the world that do not have a connection with Santa know who he is and what he stands for. This is what branding is all about and Santa Claus has done an excellent job in illustrating this!

Santa’s consistent image is visible to everyone and you’ll always see him in a red suit, floppy hat and black boots, no matter where or when you see him! Santa’s consistent logo of red and white also represents his brand values. Consistency is one of the most important components of a successful brand! So, how do you make your brand consistent and stand out from the crowd?

Brand managers strive to have the same kind of brand recognition, emotional connection and consistency as Santa. Unlike many other brands, Santa only has a few weeks every year to work his magic, and his red image is even more visible and valuable to marketers, with Santa selling anything from soft drinks to electrical appliances. He is a hardworking and generous man. Ever play “Secret Santa” or sign a Christmas card from him? People are always doing good in the name of Santa throughout the Christmas season! Isn’t he just wonderful?

So, we think Santa Claus is the world’s strongest brand! Why not take a few tips from the man in the red suit and black boots and make sure your brand is consistent, stands out from your competition, builds an emotional connection with your customers and remains visible to your target audience. And maybe he might just bring you what you wish for this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Bare Bones Marketing!!

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