You can pretty much find anything out on the internet; your children’s homework answers, how to use that new software, what restaurant is best to eat at.

Information is available at the touch of button and you’re exposed to it when your not even looking for it, whether it’s on the radio, billboards, or on Facebook, it is everywhere!

We now receive 5 times more information today than in 1986 – one study even suggests we are exposed to the equivalent of 174 newspapers per day. Whilst some of these statistics may be a little exaggerated or unbelievable, the point is the amount of information we are exposed to on a daily basis is overwhelming and we don’t even register half of what we see.

So how do you communicate information about your business without it being lost in the crowd?

Of course, part of being heard relies on the fact that the information is interesting, at least to the target audience. But it may still need a helping hand, and that is where infographics can help.

Infographics –  information in graphic form, are a great way of getting information across in a visual way and look a lot better than a paragraph of writing we promise you!

For example, if I was to say to you “did you know Bare Bones Marketing have written 25 case studies, 21,106 blog words, worked on over 60 design projects, written 42 press releases and trained 88 businesses?” you would probably forget this almost straight away: However if we showed you this instead:

It is more likely to stay with you for a little bit longer.

Infographics can be a great way to show your audience what you have achieved or what you could do for them or even just a better way to present information to keep people engaged with your business.

Infographics can be big, small, simple or complicated – whatever you want them to be! So why not have a go at creating your own infographic! Or if you like some help get in touch with the team here at Bare Bones Marketing

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