Bare Bones Marketing recently ran an extremely successful campaign for one of our clients. Not only did we generate results that far exceeded industry benchmarks, but we also created a real buzz around our client both in the local media, and amongst competitors.

Marketing is a science with a precise formula that you have to get right to guarantee great results. So, how exactly did we do it?

Bare Bones Marketing conceptualised a campaign that comprised multi-tiered activities reaching the target audience through various touchpoints. With an over-arching concept the campaign was created to provoke action, based on both emotional and rational decision-making processes, as well as engage with the target market on a grassroots level. Comprising thought-provoking headlines, with current, topical and visually-appealing images to pull the audience into a clearly defined, strong call-to-action to encourage people to attend an event. The campaign ran over a three week period and has been advertised via the following media.

  • Local Newspapers
  • Local Magazine
  • Buses
  • Local Radio Stations
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Online newspapers
  • Public Relations
  • E-marketing


  • To generate brand recognition and recall for the client.
  • Increase traffic to their website.
  • Encourage event bookings.
  • Drive conversions.
  • Engage with the target market on an emotional and rational level.



Return on Investment

The campaign activity resulted in 52 reservations online, with over 100 individuals attending the event. This has resulted in 27 conversions being received from the beginning of the campaign to date.

Calculating the Return On Investment (ROI), based on the revenue generated, and the cost of the campaign, not only has the campaign been self-funding, but it has generated a ROI of £8.47 on every £1 invested giving nearly 8.5:1 ROI.

If we look at the actual call-to-action generated and bookings, the campaign generated a potential ROI of 18:1 (if all were to be fully converted). This means that for every £1 spent £18 has been generated in terms of expressions of interest.

Usually a 2:1 ROI is an industry benchmark for generating revenue in marketing, which is considered very favourable. We can therefore state that in terms of actual revenue generated, the campaign has been more than four-times more effective and for the call-to-action the campaign generated nine times above industry standards.

Brand Awareness and Engagement

In terms of impact, market feedback indicates that the campaign has directly affected target market perception and increased brand recognition and recall. Feedback from national media houses has been exceedingly positive, stating that the client’s campaign caused a stir among their competition. Moreover, the campaign has actively prompted one of their competitors to change one of their key messages to reposition themselves.

Furthermore, nine out of the 27 conversions stated that they heard about the client through the radio, meaning the radio element generated a ROI of over 10:1.

Moreover, the campaign has generated new interest from potential partners and generated further PR support from local media titles, with 10 pieces of coverage in the past four weeks.

Website Activity

Visits to the website increased significantly during the campaign period. Comparing the same duration for the previous month shows a 304.98% increase in traffic to the website with a 295.91% rise of new users, and an increase in usage of 269.01%.

Examining the acquisition statistics on Google Analytics over the same comparison period, there is a notable increase in visits driven through social media channels and organic search. Social media resulted in driving in an increase of 6,908% of new users to the website as a direct result of advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

In terms of evaluating the effectiveness as an advertising medium, for expression of interest resulting from a direct call to action, this calculates to be an ROI of 307:1, which is a staggering achievement.

Organic searches rose by 464% which is a demonstrable result of a significant increase in brand recognition and recall. This is a direct result of the newspapers, magazine, outdoor, radio and online advertising and demonstrated that the target market is engaging further with the brand and that there is brand recall.

YouTube Advertising

During the period 04/01-21/01/16, the YouTube advert was viewed 16,952 times, with several hundred additional organic video views to add to this figure. The total impressions figure had reached 58,179 by the date of the event, with CPM/CPV averaging £0.02. The ROI in terms of engagement with the paid for advertising results as 39:1.

To conclude, it is a fair statement to claim that the campaign has delivered all the desired objectives and exceeded ROI benchmarks and expectations.


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