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Have you ever heard of Prezi? Prezi is a presentation tool that helps transform static presentations into a professional and engaging presentation that helps tell a story. Instead of moving from slide to slide, Prezi captures content in a spatial context, enabling your audience to feel engaged with your presentation, and most importantly, feel part of your story.

If you’re a regular user of PowerPoint, you can easily import an existing PowerPoint presentation and transform it into a Prezi. Here’s a few key tips on creating an engaging Prezi presentation.

Step 1 – Create a mind map of all the content you want to get across to your audience by splitting it  into sections!  Your sections should form a story: beginning, middle and end, so mind mapping your sections in a logical order is essential! Your mind map should essentially create a ‘birds eye’ view of the different parts of your presentation.

Step 2 – Using images can make a great narrative, and also helps to trigger emotion with your audience! Also try to use visual prompts such as arrows and other visual objects to help guide the movement from one frame to another so that your audience doesn’t get lost, and try to incorporate zooms and animations to illustrate connections and relationships between concepts.

Step 3 –  Be consistent throughout the presentation with use of colour, font, background and design. Remember that the design of your presentation should also be consistent with your brand; therefore incorporating your brand logo and name is important.

Step 4 – Once you’ve created your presentation, it’s a good ideas to test your Prezi to ensure everything is flowing the way you want it.

Think of Prezi as a canvas for designing presentations: put all your ideas on the canvas and then connect the frames to tell your story from beginning to end! Once you’re happy with your design, remember to practice your presentation!

If you’d like help using Prezi, then we’d be happy to help!

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