I need a gold medal.  I have just spent a marathon 35 minutes trying to get a straight answer out of my utilities supplier, whom shall remain nameless.  Not only has it been an exercise in endurance and super human patience, but also a nice earner for the company as I was calling 0845 and 0870 numbers.  I was cut off once, transferred twice, and finally, given the wrong phone number, so was back to square one.

What a customer experience.  Needless to say, I have started to look to move my supplier.

A business can have buy diazepam wholesale many different customer touch points, from face to face, the internet, through to letters and phone calls.    It’s important to think about the customer journey or experience through the different touch points you have with them.  Have you put yourself in the customer shoes and seen your business from their perspective?  Do you know what they like and what their potential frustrations could be?  If not, take a trip through your customer’s world.

If my utilities company had done that, I am sure I wouldn’t now be spending my time looking for a new company!

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