Bare Bones Marketing Mothers Day

Like your brand, Mother’s Day is full of emotions as families celebrate and share this special day with their mothers and with the Mother’s Day madness quickly approaching, we thought we’d celebrate and share with you some of our marketing tips that have been passed on from our mothers over the years!

Bare Bones Marketing Mothers Day

 “Get your work done” – Do you remember the famous phrase “Get your homework done first before you play”. This tip is particularly useful when it comes down to your brand, always do your homework first before all the fancy design stuff! Remember, if you don’t know who your are targeting then your audience won’t know who you are either!

 “I can see you” – Somehow, most mothers knew exactly where we were and what we were up to.  Take a tip out of your mother’s book and make sure your target audience know exactly who you are and can easily find you!

 “Always share your things with others” – Share your brand and business with your audience by making the most of the marketing resources available to you! Brochures, leaflets, social media platforms and most importantly your website are effective tools to share your brand and business with your audience.

“Eat all of your food on your plate” – Were you forced to sit at the dinner table until your plate was empty? Why did our mothers tell us this? Because they wanted us to use the resources available to us and you should do the same! order diazepam online uk Make sure you use the marketing tools available to ensure you are reaching your target audience.

“You can’t wear that!” – Mothers always have their own opinion about our appearance don’t they? Just like your appearance what kind of visual impression are you leaving on your readers when they engage with your brand? Is it the impact you want them to have?

“If you’re bored, I can give you something to do” – Don’t ever think your marketing is done and your audience know about you. There is always room for improvement. Maybe it’s time to review your marketing goals to ensure you are on target or maybe it’s time to publish an article on your website to keep your audience interested.

“One day you’ll thank me” –  Gratitude is certainly something we’d all like to receive, but regularly forget to give. How many times have you thanked a customer for engaging with your business? Do you regularly engage with your audience on a personal level? Engaging with your audience or even thanking your customers for dealing with your business is a very effective way to build an emotional connection with your audience. Believe it or not, customers like to be appreciated, so give them what they want.

There’s one last Mother’s Day tip we’d like share with you – Mum’s know everything (and they are always right)!

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