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Happy Birthday Bare Bones Marketing!

Its our 2nd birthday this October and we are pretty excited. We are crossing the 2nd year mark with lots to celebrate! Bare Bones Marketing has grown with Emma into a team of four and this is something we are really proud of.

We think this is something to celebrate and so should you.

Do you celebrate your businesses landmarks? If not you should!

Anniversaries say a lot about your business to your customers, reached your 1st, 5th or 50th year in business? Thats a big deal and people should know about it.

The UK is a tough economy to survive in with 1 in 3 businesses failing within the first 3 years, and of those 20% failing in the first year! Especially during the recession there have been some tough times for many businesses.

Most fail because of poor business planning and poor marketing, you need to know your market, its size, their preferences and who they are. Without a plan or research it is just buy diazepam in uk next day delivery guess work and sheer luck, which is never a way to run a business!

The reasons for failure are endless; lack of finance, wrong location, failure to adapt and change with the markets and more. But when you defy all of this, you should use it to your advantage. Why not use it as an opportunity to give back to your customers? Have a birthday offer. Do something to mark it, even if it is just writing a blog about it!

If nothing else, it tells the story of your brand, whether you are a wise old owl or a new business baby.

So whatever your size of business when you reach a milestone, celebrate, shout about it and let everyone know you have survived! Whether your next birthday is your 1st or 100th, congratulations you beat the odds!!!!

For advice and support on how to get the best PR from achieving your milestones, give Bare Bones Marketing a shout!


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