Delicious Easter eggs wrapped in colourful foil are generally hidden away on Easter Day, where children and most likely some adults spend hours hunting for them! This is a brilliant and fun way to spend Easter, but not so great and fun when it comes to your brand. Are you giving your brand the egg-sposure it deserves this Easter? Here are some ideas we’ve “hatched” to help you out!

Easter Monkey

Tweet your brandWho will you reach using Twitter? How will you reach them? If your target audience fits with the Twitter user profile then you may be in for a chance to share your brand with the Twitter community! Keep your profile active and healthy through regular engagement with your audience. This type of interaction will build your brand’s loyally and satisfaction. Build your Twitter network by following companies like yours and remember to give your Twitter presence a consistent look and feel so your audience knows who you are!

Post your brand Like your Twitter profile, having a Facebook page is an egg-fective and free marketing tool expose your brand! Remember to take into account who your target audience are and what they want to see from your brand whether it is posting images, videos, latest news as long as it is relevant to your brand and of course your audience. Include your Facebook link on business cards, flyers, brochures and most importantly your website and on your blogs with a “like us” Facebook button to maximize full egg-sposure of your brand.

Do you have a company page on LinkedIn? LinkedIn can be a great marketing tool to build relationships and connections with businesses similar to yours! According to LinkedIn members are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they’ve interacted with in LinkedIn.

Broadcast your brandTraditional media such as advertising on your local radio or in your local newspaper can to create full exposure and build your brand’s credibility! Why not combine your social media activity with more traditional methods of marketing to maximize your brand’s full egg-sposure?

Show your brand to the world using a search engine optimized website Having a website gives you access to a wider target audience but make sure that you fully optimize your website using keywords that your audience are likely to use to ensure full effect! This will build your brand’s awareness and maximize your brand’s egg-sposure. For more advice on why a website is important for your brand visit our blog.

Give your brand some attentionPublishing relevant blogs or latest news feeds on your website is an egg-cellent way to build your brand’s credibility and attract the right attention to your website. Just publishing an article once or twice a week is enough to keep your brand in the spotlight of your audience!

Don’t be a “chicken”The importance of a brand is to make it memorable, so don’t be a “chicken”, take your brand everywhere! If you are attending a networking event for instance, make sure you take plenty of business cards; a pop up banner is also an impactful way to get your brand noticed and attract the right kind of attention!

Don’t put your eggs all in one basket instead, effectively use different marketing tools to give your brand the full egg-sposure it deserves!

Happy Easter from the Bare Bones Marketing Team!!


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