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Many people often overlook the value of having a professionally designed business card that reflects a business’ brand image. Within the first couple of seconds, your target audience will be building up a lasting opinion of your brand and business, and it’s fair to say that people do judge a book by its cover.

It’s always a great idea to keep in your pockets some kind of promotional material and business cards are great for this, but should be designed well enough to leave a lasting and memorable impression.

Here are few tips for designing a unique and professional looking business card that can draw your audience’s attention towards your business.

  1. What’s your purpose? – When designing your business card it’s important to identify the goal you want to achieve with your business card. Having a purpose for your card will prevent you from making it too jumbled and less memorable.
  2. Define your business – Your business card should let your audience know who you are and what you do. This can be done by including your business’ logo, brand values and slogan. Ask yourself ‘Will my target audience be able to understand what my business is by looking at the business card?’ Make sure your business card mirrors your brand identity so that your audience can easily recognise and emotionally connect with you.
  3. Keep it simple – Keeping it simple is the key for an effective and professional looking business card. Avoid cluttering the card with too much information. Your audience shouldn’t feel overwhelmed with too many images and text. If you’re in doubt and feel you have more to say, put it on the back of card instead.
  4. Is your text readable? – This is a very important point and is sometimes overlooked when designing a business card. You wouldn’t want your audience to strain their eyes to read your contact details or not bother to take notice of your business card because of the text being too small. Make sure your text is a reasonable size, in a clear readable font and a bold colour.
  5. Leave space – Many people like to write on your business card – where they met you or if you’ve agreed to meet. Make sure you leave some space for them to jot down their notes, and consider using a matt card which will make it less likely for their writing to smudge!

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes when designing your business card. Do you get frustrated when you can’t find information you need? Is the text too small to read? Do cheaply designed business cards make you think less of the company? Does it take you a while to recognise the brand or what company the person works for?

If you’d like anymore advice or help designing your business card, contact us today!

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