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Emma Dalzell, Bare Bones Marketing’s founder and Managing Director has recently been the subject of a “Marketing Expert” case study by Marketing Career Path, an industry-recognised hub that delivers information, advice and support to aspiring marketeers. Emma’s case study appears as part of a series which includes respected business names such as “The Guardian”, “Not On The High Street” and “Moda in Pelle”, and is available as an online resource.

In the case study, Emma speaks about how she established herself in the marketing world and her marketing career, which has spanned over twenty years. She discusses her progression into senior roles which have included Marketing Manager for a global telecoms company, Head of CRM for a credit card business and Head of Marketing Communications for a global utility organisation, before setting up Bare Bones Marketing in 2011.

Emma also discusses what she loves so much about marketing, such as its unique mix of commercial, creative and logical thinking, and the variety of every working day. She explains that the business world lacks down-to-earth marketing, and how she uses her expertise and passion to help clients – whether large organisations or start-up businesses – achieve their goals. Emma’s case study also lists her advice to readers for a successful career in marketing, and she hails practical experience as being most important.

Emma is passionate about marketing and hopes that by sharing her story with Marketing Career Path, she will inspire and guide those who wish to either break into the industry or progress their career further. Emma is also committed to encouraging career development through Bare Bones Marketing’s in-house Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, which includes work placements and twelve-week internships.

All throughout the year, she provides opportunities for aspirational individuals to explore the marketing world and establish routes into a dynamic, but competitive, industry. Having self-admittedly “fallen” into marketing through a work placement, Emma accepts applicants from a wide range of career backgrounds and degree disciplines and provides experience in areas such as strategy, design, events management and copywriting.

This isn’t the first time that the spotlight has been shone on Emma’s career success, and she’s previously featured in a case study by the Women’s Business Council, and been a finalist in the North West Women In Business Awards. With Emma at the helm, Bare Bones Marketing has been a winner of Best Start-Up Business of the Year, South Cheshire, Small Business of the Year Finalists, South Cheshire, and Excellence In Customer Service Finalists, South Cheshire. And this is all just within the less than five years since Emma founded Bare Bones Marketing!

You can read Emma’s “Marketing Expert” case study at http://marketingcareerpath.co.uk/case-study-marketing-expert/.

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