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Does your business have the X-Factor?

The days are getting shorter and it’s getting darker, this can only mean one thing -Saturday nights have gone indoors.

With the cold setting in, it usually means X-Factor mania takes over the country, it will take over the tabloids and office conversation regardless of whether you watch it or not, the likely hood is you will still know who the contestants are. And this got us thinking about having the X-Factor in everyday business.

Does your business have the X-Factor? Do you have star quality? And all the other X-factor clichès.

Your marketing could be compared to typical X-Factor candidates, you could be in the “girls” category or “boys”, where you are still very young, just starting out and in need of a lot of coaching and confidence finding.


You could land in the “overs” category, where you may have picked up a lot of bad marketing habits over the years and could be very set in your ways.

Alternatively there are the groups in which you could have various aspects to your business, yet they aren’t quite harmonised.

So what category does your marketing fall into?

X-Factor is just like business. You are essentially performing for your audience (customers) and going up against other acts (competitors) from different categories (Industries) in order to win the public vote! And at the end of the hour-long, advert-packed show you could be going home. No one wants to be the first to be voted off, but if your marketing isn’t up to scratch, that could be your reality.

If you think your marketing is ready for the live shows, then set up the fog machine and get ready for your performance, because competition is rife and you need to stand out from the crowd.

But if your marketing isn’t quite up to scratch, and you need some extra support contact Bare Bones Marketing and our Mrs D will be your Mrs O.


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