FAB Intern

After a period of ten weeks, Friday 14th July is my last day at Bare Bones Marketing as an intern. My name is Jasper van der Wijk, from Holland, and Bare Bones Marketing gave me the opportunity to do my internship with them.

I don’t know where to start because I have enjoyed every single day since I started here. There is no way an intern should doubt doing an internship here – this is absolutely the place to be for an intern, especially when you’re from abroad – Bare Bones Marketing makes you feel at home. They give you the time to learn new things and they invest time in you when you have a question, despite all of the busy deadlines.

The period that I have been here for has been FABulous. I started on the 5th May and Middlewich FAB Festival was on the 16th June, so I did a lot of work for the festival, which was perfect for me because as the festival got closer, I got more excited.

This is the best company to get in touch with the working environment because you get involved with the projects,  with all the colleagues and feel part of the team. I improved myself in every single way, my English is better and I know how important it is to deal with big deadlines and how it is to work under high pressure. But also creative things for example; I was responsible for the Instagram and Snapchat account during the festival, creating a campaign analysis, setting up an email campaign and keeping all the press books up to date.

Bare Bones Marketing: ‘the best place to improve yourself and

work with professional people’.

My favourite memory of my internship period is: ‘Starting as colleagues, ending as best friends’.


Thanks for everything , Bare Bones Marketing. See you soon!

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