Bare Bones Marketing are thrilled to announce that they have added another award to the ever growing list!

Team member Clive Pongo, who joined exactly a year ago today, has just been handed the “Marketing Online Northern Key Expert Youngster” 2015 Award. The award, which in marketing circles is known as the MONKEY, is handed out only to the best young marketers in the North.

Finalists need to demonstrate that they are flexible, can reach out far and wide, and are not ones to hang around in their careers. Judges are looking for climbers of the marketing ladder who are prepared to work hard to get to the top of the tree.

Clive, who is Head of No Monkey buy valium diazepam 10mg Business here at Bare Bones Marketing is thrilled with the recognition and Emma Dalzell, is very proud of the young team member.

“Clive has shown time and time again his ability to swing from one task to the next, and has been able to demonstrate stretching himself to reach the highest marketing achievements. This MONKEY award is recognition of his willingness to branch out and not be afraid of the dizzy heights he has attained. The Bare Bones Marketing team are all very proud of him!”

You can read all about Clive’s appointment last year here!

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