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There are so many fantastic adverts that pull on our heart strings and really do make a great impact, so we have decided to celebrate some of, what we think, are the best, creative, funniest or downright strange adverts out there!

Bare Bones Marketing Advert of the Week

Each week we will add a new advert to our website and our Facebook page. If you’d like to suggest an “Advert of the Week” you can comment on our Facebook page. Adverts can be recent or ones from your childhood, anything that is going to put a smile on our face or stick in our heads all week!

Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz “Chicken”

We’ve got to admit this advert, which features several disco-dancing chickens, showing their hypnotic ability to keep their heads still whilst jiving to the beat by Diana Ross’ “Upside down” is the most bizarre, funny and clever advert in a long time! But what have chickens got to do with Mercedes-Benz? What inspired Mercedes-Benz to create an advert involving a mix of chickens to demonstrate motion stability? Is this Mercedes’ attempt of “guerilla” marketing? If it is, they have done a fantastic job, do you agree?

PS – We’re assuming no chickens were hurt in the filming of the ad!!

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