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There are so many fantastic adverts that pull on our heart strings and really do make a great impact, so we have decided to celebrate some of, what we think, are the best, creative, funniest or downright strange adverts out there!

Each week we will add a new advert to our website and our Facebook page. If you’d like to suggest an “Advert of the Week” you can comment on our Facebook page. Adverts can be recent or ones from your childhood, anything that is going to put a smile on our face or stick in our heads all week!

 Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

Most promotions directly aim the product or service itself, but around Christmas time it seems like there is a battle of whose commercial will make you shed more tears than others.

It is not only a strategy that works because of the undelaying thoughts of such commercials around Christmas time it also means that people will watch the commercial “voluntarily ” meaning that they will go and watch the commercial in their own free time, as a marketer you know that that is the moment you have done something right.

First John Lewis with Monty the penguin and now Sainsbury’s commercial, John Lewis now has a 19 million YouTube hit, beating Sainsbury  by 5 million views.


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