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After just a few weeks of development, Bare Bones Marketing is happy to launch their first app, the FAB Festival app, and to announce that Bare Bones Marketing is now an approved developer for the Apple Store and Google Play Store. With app usage continuously on the rise, and 92.2% of the population using smartphones, Bare Bones Marketing identified a gap in the market for a ‘white label’, affordable solution for businesses, towns, and events to launch their own apps.

The development of the FAB Festival app helped in the creation of the ‘white label’ solution and was all designed and built in house by Bare Bones Marketing. The app is a way to make information more accessible and engaging for users during the FAB Festival summer event. Apps are not a way of replacing websites, but instead add value to websites by directing users to the website for more detailed or further information. This ‘white label’ solution will help create more engagement for users to more involved with any business with its ease of use and accessibility on the go.

The development of bespoke apps can be costly, costing over £20,000 just for the initial design and development. We know that this is often too expensive for small businesses, charities, and smaller organisations, and app development hasn’t even been an available option to them before. So, Bare Bones Marketing decided to look at the app market from a different perspective to help businesses. We have created a solution, which is similar to a template design for websites but mobile based.

This ‘white label’ app is affordable with a lower initial investment for set up with a monthly hosting fee. For businesses looking for a more advanced app or bespoke features, individual functionality is available for at an additional cost, but still far below the cost of a bespoke app. This new ‘white label’ app is ideal for towns, festivals, schools, businesses, and anyone who has an busy event schedule, or wants to promote tourism and investment.

Town apps can include items such as the events taking place, tourist destinations, historical points of interest, as well as practical information such as where the nearest petrol station, hotel, restaurant or pub is. A festival app can contain information such as artist line-up information, as well as festival maps, venues, and attractions including social media feeds for audience engagement, and even link to Spotify.

An app means your target market will be able to interact with your business on a new level and keep up to date with regular app updates straight to their mobile devices and push notifications. Moreover, in terms of marketing, through the app’s analytics, you can monitor who and where your app downloads come from, giving is actionable information to plan effective marketing initiatives in the future direct to a specific segment.

Business can also notify their target market on special offers, promotions and updates of products and services through the app. Updates and notifications reach app users instantly on their smartphones to keep the user up to date. With the functions provided by the ‘white label’ solution, businesses will be able to interact on a whole new level, and even generate a new revenue stream.

So much is available through Bare Bones Marketing’s app solution. Contact us at or 01606 535035 to get started with your app.

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